What is this?

An App for Caucus Night. In Minnesota. Tuesday evening, February 6, 2018. You need to be ready.

Well, technically not an "App", actually a set of BPOU customized web pages optimized for display on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. And Phablet. Should work on Android too. Anyway, BPOU activists and volunteers can get set up prior to caucus night and use the app to help newcomers find their precinct, etc.

          . . . O R . . . .

the newcomer can scan a QR code and have his/her own direct access to pertinent and timely info for Caucus Night.

Oh heck, just try the demo version by clicking the image to the left (if you are using a desktop/laptop browser), or if using a mobile device, try this link (pretend you live in SD36).
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