Technical and Set-up Info

This page contains nitty gritty technical details about how to implement the CaucusNight App for your BPOU (candidate and issue info coming soon). If you are not the one who is going to set it up, you will find this tedious, boring, and useless.

Please plan to spend a little time setting this up. There is a modest learning curve, but it is well worth it.


XiTouch (pronounced Zy'-Touch) is the web interface through which you will enter the information that is unique to your BPOU. A trial version has already been configured for you, but feel free to go to and create an account for yourself. XiTouch is free. I wrote it. It's awesome.

Basic Records for BPOU

  1. Look to the lower left and see the "Favorites" listed. These needed to be edited to suit your needs. Just click on the record name and follow the instructions in the right field. These are the records:
    • Message From Your BPOU
    • Caucus Night FAQs (if needed beyond the standard set provided )
    • About All Precincts
    • Room List
    • Upcoming Conventions
    You may not yet have the info available yet, but having it ready well before February 4, 2014 will help keep you organized.

  2. Take a breath. You're about a quarter done with the work, half done with the learning.

Individual Precinct Information

Your XiTouch file has been pre-populated with records for each precinct in your territory. Let me know if any are missing. The basic format is
Record Name: short form (lower case) PLUS "caucusnightinfo"
Example: bpe5caucusnightinfo
Left Field:
Right Field:
Information that is directly relevant to the specific precinct, including the room in which you are meeting
You can access the list of precincts by clicking on [:=] (next to "Favorites" at the lower left) and then selecting "precinctdetail".

Since you probably have 20-40 precincts in your BPOU, this is where most of the work comes in. But really, it's not that much.

And with that, you're basically done. Once I have your money, I will create a custom entry page with the format

OR . . .
Then you can test it out. This will be a collaborative process. Nothing is set in stone. Yet. By January 1, 2014 there will be a hard deadline for the basic navigation of the site however.

Thanks for your interest. Have you Signed Up yet?

Jeffrey W Baumann
computer geek since 1975
patriot since birth

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