Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will speed up check-in?

A: YES! The most important thing people need to know when they arrive at caucuses is "What Precinct do I live in?" and "Where do I go?" does both of these easily. Precinct lookups are very fast (compared to the Secretary of State (SoS) pollfinder web site) because:

  1. Dedicated new Unix database server for use only
  2. Less traffic than SoS site (spread the word - I need more traffic!)
  3. SoS site forces you to select your street from a (loooong) list of every street in a zip code or city, but takes your house number and limits the streetname search to only those that are possible based on your house number. Smart!
  4. will seamlessly pass you to a screen that tells you exactly where to go (dependent on your BPOU supplying the information)

Q: Will save time in other ways?

A: Yes! Since newcomers can be easily registered with, you will have a way to deal with bad handwriting on paper check-in forms. If you have ever done this yourself, you realize that this feature along fully justifies your investment in

Q: Is just for my volunteers and activists?

A: No! The App* can be placed on the mobile device of newcomers using the QR code accesible thru the [ Help Others ] button. It's Fair Share for Republicans, so share it!

* technically, it's a web site, which means it also works on desktop and laptop computers (which regular Apps cannot do)

Q: How can my BPOU customize it? Is it difficult to do?

A: There is a preconfigured XiTouch account already set up for you. Just go to, enter the username (cndcSD49trial - adjust the number to suit your SD) and password, and get to work. There are 5 records to edit (go to record, edit, and Save - just that easy) plus the individual precinct records.

Q: Why should a newcomer even want this App?

A: To access pertinent info before, during a after caucuses, such as the party platform and upcoming conventions.



XiTouch is powerful, slightly geeky but approachable, and free (for now). It works on Mac, Windows and iPad, but not smartphones (yet). Feel free to create an account and get familiar with it.

What is this? What's it cost? Sign us up! What's the catch?